Jenny Bolton's Boost Your Bust Book Review

Boost Your Bust Guide is an e-book written by a woman named Jenny Bolton. The Book is can be downloaded immediately on e-payment.

The 60 pages e-Book is divided into 7 chapters. You are hereby provided with a quick insight into the overall outlay of the book in consonance with the copyright of the e-book.

Overview of the Boost Your Bust Book

Boost your Bust Book Review
Chapter 1:

The first chapter starts out with the valid methods of natural and more permanent breast enhancement techniques which emphasizes on the growth hormones and estrogen, and their importance on enhancement of the Bust size. It talks about how the hormone Estrogen helps in the development of breasts in women as they are present in higher levels in females than in males.

Chapter 2:

The second Chapter explains the four main reasons responsible for breasts in females. It explains that breast development is not entirely about increasing estrogen levels only, it involves a process of increasing growth hormones and prolactin and reducing testosterone. The book suggests and guides how to achieve this through natural processes.

Chapter 3:

The third Chapter teaches you some exercises which helps in the enhancement of your breasts. It also provides exhaustive fashion tips which help you look bustier than you actually are.

Chapter 4:

The fourth Chapter provides information on supplements similar to birth control pills which promote the enhancement of breasts as a side-effect. It also teaches you to make a cream for the enhancement of breasts which has to be applied on your breasts and also teaches the massage technique which is to be followed for better results.

Chapter 5:

This Chapter chalks out a schedule of exercises to be done, supplements to be taken, diet, correct postures, for its readers. It also spells out clearly the time frame within which you could expect to see results.

Chapter 6:

This Chapter is all about maintaining all that you have gained by following the mantras outlined there.

Chapter 7:

The last and final Chapter discusses about the diet which should be followed, what you should eat and what you should not. The ‘What you should eat’ list is all about eating the right food which triggers the growth of the hormones which helps in the enhancement of your breasts, and the ‘what you should not eat’ list is all about avoiding food which inhibits the growth of the hormones or accelerates the growth of the hormones which hinder breast enlargement. It also provides you with a list of food items which facilitate the growth of your breasts. The book also provides recipes which augment the breast enhancement process.

The Magic Potion: Boost Your Bust

The Book is a comprehensive guide to breast enhancement using simple, natural and affordable techniques. The book helps you in achieving the desired results, however, do not expect that the book would make your breasts bigger in a day, but following the procedures and suggestions in the book stringently would definitely give you results in 4-6 weeks. The best thing about the book is that you buy it at a reasonable price, read it, and try out the methods, techniques, recipes from the comfort of your home. It provides you with a secret which is only between you and the author. It is like a magic potion which you drink secretly and then bask in the glory of its results.

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Boost Your Bust Reviews and User feedback

The book has got many positive reviews and user feedback. Users have provided feedback of increase in bust size by 2 cups. While many users have also complained about the enhancement being only 2-3 cup sizes, others are quite satisfied with the results. It is noteworthy to mention here that increase of breasts significantly by 5 – 6 cup sizes can be achieved by surgery alone, but increase of busts by 2-3 cup sizes is a significant increase and it does boost your self confidence. Some users have also admitted that an increase of 2-3 cup sizes was in fact more than enough to look good and feel confident.

It is to be pointed out here that the book provides natural and user-friendly techniques for breast enhancement which is comparatively cheaper than the surgery for the same. Females in the age group of 16- 28 will have easier and faster breast enhancement than their older counterparts due to the hormonal balance at that age.

Jenny Bolton’s approach to enhancement of breasts is refreshing because it not only helps in increasing your bust size, it also creates an awareness as to how and why the breast size increases. Moreover it uses all natural techniques for breast enhancement. However the pros and cons of buying the Book are as follows:

Pros of Boost Your Bust Program

  • The book provides secrecy and confidentiality to the buyer as the same can be easily downloaded.
  • The techniques in the book can be easily followed and implemented by any common woman.
  • The diets prescribed and the recipes provided are easily made at home and claims to be effective with a very positive user feedback.
  • The cream for massage is also home made and hence the entire aspect of confidentiality is maintained and is easily accessible to everyone.
  • Most importantly all the techniques in the book are natural and had absolutely no chance of any adverse effects.
  • The book comes with a money-back guarantee in case the user is not satisfied with the results as in the bust size has not increased. This shows the confidence of the author in the processes, techniques, recipes, diet, etc.

Cons of Boost Your Bust Guide

  • Since it is an e-book it has to be downloaded, and hence the book becomes inaccessible to those who have no access to the internet in far flung areas.
  • The bust size does not increase by 4-5 cup sizes and hence those who desire larger increases might be able to get an increase by only 2-3 cup sizes.
Boost your Bust Review
Lastly a note to the buyer, that the Boost Your Bust book is a digital guide in .PDF format and can be instantly downloaded immediately on payment. It also comes with a money back guarantee and also with the personal email id of the Author and enables you to contact the author and clear doubts and apprehensions directly.


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