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Breast enlargement pumps are a good option for increasing breast size for those who do not want to take pills or undergo surgery. These pumps do not have any side effects as can be the case of surgery and birth control pills. In recent times, more and more females who would like to enlarge their breasts prefer enlargement pumps over surgery as they are cost efficient and the risk factor is very less.

Pumps expand the mammary gland tissues which increase the production of new breast tissue cells. So pumps generally work towards tissue expansion in the breasts, which in turn increase the blood circulation in the breasts which expands the same. During the first few days of using the pumps the breasts enlarges abruptly, but then again goes back to its original size, which is similar to first few days of physical exercise as the muscle grows and shrinks. But in a prolonged usage the growth can be very well visible as new fresh tissues grow in the continuing process. Therefore the use of such pumps needs a lot of dedication both physically and mentally. But before buying a pump one should be pretty much sure about one’s devotion towards such pumps.

Best Breast Enlargement Pumps to Increase C-Cup Size

Pumps are available in manual and automatic variants, but it is preferable to purchase the most common varieties as the wrong purchase of the pups might be harmful as they could tear the essential tissues in the breasts. One should have a thorough research about the pros and cons of a pump before buying the same. The most common ones are described below :

#1.Brava Breast Enhancement System

Brava System-Increase Boob Size Naturally with Enlargement Pumps
It is an electric breast pump which provides an increase of ½ to 2 cup sizes. Depending on your location the pump’s cost varies from a range of $900 to $ 2000. It consists of two semi-rigid domes for the breasts, and its suction is created and controlled by a minicomputer called the SmartBox, and the entire system is held in position by a Sports Bra. It is actually a tissue-expander and applies a gentle 3 dimensional pull thereby allowing new tissue growth. This system also works while you sleep and it pulls gently over a long period of time without hurting your breast or damaging your breast tissue. The pumps are to be worn continuously for 10 hours a day for at least 10 weeks. The results arrived at are permanent.

Get this product directly from their official website -

#2.Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump

Increase Breast Size with Noogleberry Breast Pumps
This is a manual breast pump which provides an increase of 1 to 2 cup size in 12 weeks. It Costs around $80. This system consists of 3 parts:

  • Manual hand pump: To suck air out of the cups to create suction.
  • 2 cups: comes in different sizes and you are advised to opt for extra padding.
  • Tubing: Tubing holds the entire system.

The cups are put over the breasts and then the pump is pressed to create suction pressure, which makes the breast tissues to expand. You can purchase it directly from Amazon store.

#3.Bosom Beauty

Bosom Beauty Breast Enlargement Pumps for Bigger Boobs
This is an electric pump which increases 1 to 2 cup sizes in 4 to 8 weeks with a use of 30 minutes every day. It is actually a combination of BRAVA and Noogleberry. It consists of

  • 2 cups: these cups come in different sizes.
  • Stretch Bra vest: the Vest holds everything into place.
  • Controller: the controller has 9 different power settings and it also comes with a boost option which increases the power and lets you do a faster suction.

It is priced within a range of $100 - $250. Purchase it from eBay

#4.Enhance Breast Enlargement System

Best Breast Enhancement Pumps to Buy
It is like the Brava System. It comes with a special bra which uses gentle suction to stretch your breast tissue. This system does not use a pump for the suction, instead it requires the user to breathe out to expel air out of the domes. The package includes a lotion, bra, cleansing wipes, and a storage box. This is priced between $100 to $170.

Purchase it from the Official website:

Finally to conclude about the pumps, these pumps are slow to process and need a good amount of time to show results. Therefore, one should be a devoted user and don’t let it go, all of sudden as these pumps are albeit better than surgeries which itself has a lot of side effects. But don’t do over pumping as they would cause lots of pain in the breast. Safe and regular use with of such devices shows not only better result but also is dependable. Prolonged use give permanent results. Even after desired result is attained one can continue with such pumps regularly to maintain its completeness and compactness of the breasts.

Although these pumps give desired results, but it would be advisable to use these pumps with a combination of natural breast massage, herbs, and natural foods which can act as catalyst for enlargements of the breasts. But don’t massage before with creams before using such pumps. It can be done after using such pumps.

Last precaution, don’t buy such pumps just on the go, as many cheap online pumps are available which may actually cause negative results. Always explore the product details before buying the same!!!
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