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Since the breast enlargement pills or the estrogen rich foods will have to pass through the liver, their effect slightly reduces. This is where the breast enhancement cream comes to the rescue. This is because, our skin directly absorbs the cream, thus letting the boobs grow bigger in size. However, not all creams and lotions will be absorbed equally by our skin. Only those breast enhancement products that are designed to penetrate into the skin will be absorbed by the skin. Since the process doesn't involve the filtering through Kidney and Liver, you'll get the maximum benefits from the cream that is applied on your breasts.

List of Best Breast Enlargement Creams that Work

Use Breast Enhancement Cream to Increase Cup Size

#1.Breast Actives

This is by far the best cream using patented technology and combines the goodness of most of the creams. It is ranked as the number #1. It uses natural ingredients and hence good. Most of the celebrities use this and hence it is much popular. Take a small amount of cream with your fingertips and do breast massage thoroughly each morning.

The one month supply of Breast Actives cream cost around $24 on Amazon.

#2.GluteBoost Cream

Gluteboost is one of the best butt enhancement creams on the market, but it can also be used to increase your breast size. It is also proven in a clinical study that the women who applied the cream on their breasts two times a day, for a month have seen a 12% increase in their bust size. It is made in FDA approved facilities in the USA and since the ingredients used in this product are all natural, it is 100% safe to use.

You can get this breast cream for $49.95 at Amazon.

#3.IsoSensuals Enhance

This is a unique product which contains a trademarked ingredient 'VoluPlus™', which stimulates and increases the fat cells, thus boosting the ability of your breasts to store fat. They also offer you a 60-day money back guarantee. For best results, it is recommended to use this bust enhancement cream twice daily.

Each bottle is a 2-month supply and is available for $49.95 at Amazon.


This cream is made up of herbs which increases breast size and balances hormones. The body responds to the cream as if the same is in a state of puberty or pregnancy. The cream enlarges breasts up to 2 or 3 cup sizes. The cream is proven to increase breast size by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands (breast tissue).

You can purchase this breast augmentation cream for $31 from Amazon.

#5.Breast Success

This cream comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is one of the most demanded creams. The ingredients used in the making of the 'Breast Success' enlargement cream include: Emulsifying wax, Volufiline, Biobustyl, Natural Palm Stearic oil, Soybean oil, Purified Beeswax, Glycerin USP and purified water.

The item is available for $16.25 on Amazon.


This cream stimulates the hormones estrogen, prolactin, etc and which in turn increase the size of breasts. This cream comes with a money back guarantee and hence it appears that the company is confident of its capability. The product is designed to increase your Bust size naturally and at the same give your sagging breasts a lift up.

It is available for $40 on Amazon.


This cream is to be applied regularly morning and night in a circular motion starting from the nipple. With Brestrogen the size of breasts increase by 2 cup sizes in a span of 6 months. It is made of natural ingredients and is not harmful.

- Website Link

#8.Perfect Woman

This cream works by stimulating cell growth in the mammary glands. This cream is required to be applied and massaged a few times a day.

The Perfect Woman breast enlargement cream is available for $20 on Amazon.


This cream is to be applied on the breasts. Made up of natural ingredients this cream is demanded by many customers. This cream gets results very quickly.

Link: Benefil

#10.Total Curve

This cream is similar to Breast Actives. It provides long term benefits and its results stand the test of time. It also uses natural organic ingredients like Breast Actives. It is composed of mainly Phyto-estrogens, which assist in breast growth.

Available for $59 on Amazon.

That's the end of the list of the best breast enlargement creams in the market at present. My favorite picks include the top 5 creams in the list.
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