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Breasts are the beauty of the female body. The opposite funnel shaped female body remains incomplete without fullness of the breasts and hips. Women with small breasts often feels awkward to wear some ethnic and other women dresses which require proper size and shapes of breast and hips. The most desired cup size in females generally starts from C Cup size.

Although surgery can give instant result in increasing the breasts size but it is best to avoid the same and silicon implants can end up with various side effects. There is nothing if we can explore some natural home remedies to increase breast size.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Increase Breasts Size Naturally
The main causes of lower cup size are tight under garments, depression, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, poor fat contents and drug side effects.

1.First and foremost way is to eat healthy specially estrogenic foods which would include fruits, nuts, various seeds – flax seeds & anise seeds in particular, chicken head soup, etc. In addition eat healthy fats viz. eggs, olive oil, tuna fish, avocados, peanut butter, etc. Also add radish and amino acids in the diet. All these foods help in enhancing the breasts.

2.It has to be looked into that all vitamins – Vitamin A, B6, C and E are properly balanced in the diet. All these help in regeneration of cells and tissues in the body and also help in regulating cholesterol which in turn facilitate in breast enhancement.

3.Apart regular and proper exercise also helps in increasing cup size. One of the best exercises is wall press where one has to stand in parallel to a wall and have to place hand on the wall in a perpendicular way and then push against it without bending the hands. It should be continued for around 10-15 seconds and may be repeated in the morning and evening for around 10 times in each sessions.

4.Next one can do swinging arms where one can swing both arms in opposite directions for 10-15 times of one hand for better results. Lastly one can do household everyday jobs which require a lot of arm movements specially cleaning of households and grinding. This is the best physical exercise and can do wonders in breast enhancement. Other types of exercise includes chest flyes and chest presses.

5.If possible also add Yoga in the exercise chart to maintain body balance and proper blood circulation which in turn help make your boobs bigger.

6.Mainly breast is made up of tissues, lymph and fats. And enhancement of the same can be achieved with various massage techniques which target development of tissues and fats which in turn increase size of the cups. But increase in volume of fats might cause various diseases, so proper medication and medical consultation is compulsory so that proper check is maintained for diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer cell formation.

7.In addition also have medical supervision so that one can avoid depression and other side effects of drugs.

8.Other natural ingredients to increase sup size is regular intake of herbs – which includes fenugreek (methi), fennel, red clover, saw palmetto, wild yam, etc. One can also try vegetables like carrot, garlic, oats, cucumber, peas, pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes etc and grains like wheat, rice and barley. Also add a banana milk shake and / or papaya juice and milk in the diet everyday for enhancement of the breasts.

9.Things one should avoid in the regime if one would like to enhance one’s breast are weight loss pills, drinks containing caffeine viz. coffee, cola and other cold drinks, tight undergarments which resist the growth of breast cells and tissues. Always one should wear a properly size bra – not very tight and not too loose. In addition avoid wearing a bra during sleep time.

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Finally it is suggested to avoid pills and other plastic surgeries to enlarge your breasts. If something can be achieved naturally then why to go for something cosmetic which indeed have some side effects or the other.
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