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Want to grow a bigger breasts naturally? There are often many ways to make your boobs bigger. But, no matter what method you follow, diet should be given special importance. There are food items which help to achieve bigger breasts. These food items helps in developing your bust on the one hand and on the other hand it also gives you a healthier life due to its natural benefits.

Do you know that estrogen is the hormone which is responsible for the growth of your breasts? Yes! Simply by increasing the estrogen levels in your body, you can increase your breasts size.

List of Foods that Make your Breasts Bigger Faster

What foods to eat to increase breast size naturally

The following Phytoestrogen rich foods when included in your diet will help you achieve a bigger bust:


Soy milk has high levels of estrogen and so it can considered as one of the best friend in enhancing breast growth. Apart it also helps in fighting cancer cells which generally have a tendency to grow in breast tissues


Milk generally contains all hormones which boost reproductive organs of humans especially cow milk which not only have portions of both male and female reproductive hormones but also have essential for milk production in mammals. Milk gives great platform and nutrition to tissues in breast to grow.

#3.Green leafy veggies

Vegetables are usually good for health of breast tissues as they act as antioxidants and keep balance of all hormones especially reproductive hormones in the body. Green vegetables like spinach and others help in cleaning the hormonal irregularities in the body. Few veggies such as alfa alfa and tofu is very good in production of estrogen in the female body and also helps in growth of breast tissues. Apart tofu is considered as third highest producer of estrogen in body in the world.


Enhancement of breast is not possible without protein in the diet, and meat is the best resource of protein for the body. Although lean meat is essential for fat growth in breasts but the best protein is whey protein.


Sea food promotes production of sex hormones in both males and females and in turn helps production of estrogen in body. Sea foods like shell fish, prawn, oysters and seaweed helps to enhance breast tissues as they are generators in production of estrogen.


Nuts are essential source of fats and proteins which serves as essential ingredient for growth of breast tissues. Few examples of nuts good for breasts are peanuts, walnuts, cashews.

#7.Chicken Soup

Chicken feet soup contains glucosamine and chondroitin which helps in building cartilage in human body which aids in growth of breast. Apart gelatin and collagen content in the chicken soup help in firming the breast tissues.


Phyto estrogenic herbs not only helps in enhancement of breasts but also helps in production of all female related hormones which also helps in prevention of breast cancer. Few examples of phyto estrogenic herbs are Pueraria Mirifica of Thailand, Fenugreek of America, Fennel, Red Clover of Europe, Licorice which helps in enhancement of breasts.


Although teas mainly act as antioxidant while some helps in burning extra fats viz. green tea, but there are some types and flavors which catalyst in enhancing breasts. Simple teas like Honey and Lemon Tea and Spearmint tea help in increasing breast. Apart there are some herb teas which also helps to build breast tissues, of which, Bustea is the best which contains fenugreek, licorice root, fennel, caraway seed, dill, basil, lemongrass, anise and marjoram.


Lastly seeds which are the best amongst the lot for building breast tissues and also enhancement of breasts. Flax seeds are considered the best in the lot with a total queue of other seeds in the line viz. sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed and anise seeds.

Although these foods are best in breast enhancement but it has to be coupled with proper breast enhancement massage to achieve best results.
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